Don’t intentionally ruin other people’s fun

We’re all playing Rust because we want to have fun; follow Wheaton’s Law. First and foremost, don’t impinge on other people’s pursuit of happiness. Obviously the game involves conflict – whether that’s over resources or straight up raiding depends upon the situation, and the rest of the rules deal with those situations. If someone’s expressing genuine displeasure with you or your actions, pause for a moment and think about whether you’re being a dick.

Be civil – no racist language, sexual threats, etc.

This shouldn’t need any explanation. If it does, file a complaint with your local school district for failing to educate you. Respect that this is a game and leave political commentary and questionable references at the door. This applies to chat conduct, voice chat, signs, names, profiles, etc.

If you’re fired upon, you may return fire

"Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back."

    --Malcolm Reynolds

Self defense is a valid reason to use force, regardless of context. Below, you’ll note that there are some asymmetric rules about killing others – if you’re in someone’s yard during the raid ban, they may freely attack you for trespassing, but you must not attack them. The moment they fire upon you (note FIRE, not aim), you may defend yourself. We humbly suggest you bob and weave – it’s surprisingly hard to hit a target that’s moving unpredictably.

Warning shots are still shots; firing a warning shot is inviting aggression.

Note: someone may initiate aggression outside of the acceptable PvP zones; this rule lets you legitimately defend yourself. Please also report these infractions to admins, so we can take appropriate enforcement action.

The purpose of the raid ban is to offer a shield for new players to peacefully build up before having to contend with the aggression of raiding, it is not a shield to claim the only sources of necessary materiel in monuments and smalluments.

While you can definitely try to restrict access, you might not be protected while you do so. Players may ask for an admin to make a ruling on whether or not the restriction is sufficient to warrant the protection being voided.

For the first week after the wipe, no raiding

Raiding is defined as stealing from, doing damage to, or killing inhabitants of a base.

A base is defined as a player-built construction consisting, at minimum, of a tool cabinet with the walls (wood or above, not twig), doors, and locks necessary to secure it. This means all entries to the base must be secured, including windows and door frames. During the raid ban, this does allow theft from unsecured sleeping players, unsecured structures, and unsecured quaries.

For the chronologically challenged, this rule means raiding is allowed starting noon on the second Thursday (12:00 Pacific) of each month. This gives people a chance to get their base rolling without too many false starts. Some may find this rule stifles innovation; those people may find another server better meets their needs. Because we aim to be noob friendly, we’d like to give folks a chance to build up a bit of a base following the wipe. If you can’t do timezone math, wait until Friday.

Some notes:

  • Bases entirely within monuments (cave bases) are not protected by the raid ban.
  • While you may defend yourself against someone shooting at you from a base, do not intentionally damage the base during the fight.
  • Building within defense range of another base is a bad idea. In cases where admins know with certainty one base predates another, the owners of the preexisting base may request exemption from the raid ban.
  • The purpose of this rule is to help cultivate a specific culture, it is not magical armor or raid insurance. The onus remains on players to secure their bases and we cannot return stolen materials. It is still important to let the admins know so that we can take appropriate action against the offenders.

On raiding during the raid ban:

The purpose of the raid ban is to provide a time to build up free from aggression. This protection is voided in certain circumstances listed below.

Bases abutting or enclosing monuments including quarries are protected by the raid ban so long as they neither restrict access to nor aggress into the monument.

Bases that are built within weapons range/base defense range of an existing base are initiating aggression and with admin sign off may lose their raid ban protection.

In the event either occurs, admin sign off is needed before the raid will be authorized.

The only circumstance in which a base is not protected by the raid ban and does not require admin permission before beginning the raid is one built in a cave complex.

PvP is limited to the following areas

  • Once you have a base, anyone within weapons range of your base
    • If you build within range of another base, you are initiating aggression.
    • Do not build within range of another base during the raid ban, unless you have first negotiated a truce with that base’s owner.
  • In monuments (this does not include power lines outside of main monuments)
    • Both you and your target should be in the monument
    • Being in the monument is defined as being within the build restriction (check with build plan)
    • Don’t forget that bases near monuments still have the normal asymmetric defense
    • Caves are officially a monument for PvP purposes and forfeit raid ban protection for homes within them.
    • Bases that aggress into or completely enclose monuments, including smalluments, also forfeit raid ban protection.
  • Within weapons range of the drop, continuing for 5 minutes after a given drop has despawned after the loot was removed (i.e. if somebody grabs all the loot and you want to take it from them, get them before they’re out of gun range of where the drop landed, and within 5 minutes of them grabbing it)
  • Within weapons range of a heli crash site, which should be treated just like a drop for PvP purposes. But, you know, someone is armed to the teeth, so watch out.
  • When you’re mounting an attack on someone (i.e. raiding)

As a general rule, mutual engagements (that is battles in which both parties fire) can be continued outside of the PvP circumstance/area that allowed for the initiation of PvP for a reasonable amount of time (~5 min) after one side has left the circumstance and halted aggression. If both sides are continuing to shoot, the engagement is ongoing.

The limitations placed on PvP have been carefully chosen to cultivate a specific culture on our server. If you find that limited PvP does not match your desired playstyle, you may find another server better meets your needs.

For confirmed rivals, attack restrictions are lifted

If you’ve developed a rivalry with someone – you each consider the other a threat – you may attack at will, provided you have positive identification. This must be a mutual agreement, and confirmed by all involved parties with an explicit agreement in server chat. This means that for rivalries between groups every group member must individually sign off.

This is the other side of the “we’re all here to have fun” rule. If you come to a non-non-aggression agreement with other players, and you do it in a way that’s fun for everyone, that’s great! We encourage all manner of fun things that don’t impinge upon others’ enjoyment of the game.

Rivalries expire at the end of a wipe, but can be canceled midwipe if all parties agree and state so in server chat for the log. If you’re having fun with your preferred enemy, all parties must agree for another round at the beginning of the next wipe. Everybody involved must want to keep the party going!


  • We generally will not reimburse players for items lost from a glitch in the game (falling through the map and dying, disconnections, etc.).
  • Our rules for the content we allow on the server cover text chat in the server’s general chat and TeamSpeak, voice chat natively in game and in TeamSpeak, signs and paintings in game, and in names and profile icons.
  • While you may say what you want to say and go by what you want to be called in the rest of your life, we do restrict the content we allow in our house in order to make it pleasant for those who frequent the server.
  • Additionally, as the administrative team is composed of English-speakers, the rules are written in English and server communications are also done in English.
    • To facilitate smooth operation of the server, players must be able to communicate in English.
    • So that admins may ensure that signs and names follow the rules, if they are in another language they must be in an easily searchable format.