Our admins are volunteers who donate their time and their unique skills as the demands of their lives allow. A diverse team with programmers, authors, people-persons, and innumerable other skillsets keeps things humming along. Chosen by bensonk, the server owner, for their judgement, the admin team gives what time and energy they can, when they can. We strive to be as available as possible because we care about the community that together with our players we create, but are not on call, and not always available.

US West Tested, Admin Approved

We are fortunate to have some phenomenal players on the server, wonderful people who have been a part of our server for long enough they have been become an integral part of it. On Steam, these players are recognized by membership in a group, US West Tested, Admin Approved. They speak with our support, and while their words are not substitutes for our own, know they have earned this trust and are most likely correct.

Wasting Admin Time

The energy and attention of our admin team is a precious commodity. Complaining to admins about legal play, clinging to willful misunderstandings of the rules, even persistent pestering with “Hey admin TP to me” for removals or to show off this really cool thing are all unacceptable squanderings of a finite resource. It’s rude and disrespectful; do not expect us to tolerate it, lest ye find yourself with a great deal of free time in which to consider the error of your ways.

On Expectations

Some of our players have become friends with our admin team, or an admin has accepted a Steam friend request to discuss an issue in private. It is imperative to remember that each admin’s Steam account, and communications through it, belong solely to that person; they have no obligation to speak with you. When they are not in game, do not try to page them via steam chat.

We're not persons with whom you wish to trifle.

Instead, mention the need for an admin in general chat, and an available admin will handle the issue as soon as possible. We do not expect our volunteers to respond to direct contact from a player when they are not in Rust, and encourage them to unfriend anyone who bothers them with trivialities. Respecting admins’ need for space will ensure they don’t ragequit and leave the server in the lurch.

We value this community, our players, and your understanding. Welcome to the server!