While you have the right to have whatever name and profile content, including icon, you wish elsewhere, that content is part of the way you interact with the world and our server. We prohibit names that would force someone to break our rules in order to address you, or in themselves are offensive. Beyond that some names, or key words within names, have been historical indicators of bad judgement and a cultural mismatch. Examples include: doggo, dank, memes, kek, pepe.

If an admin directs you to modify either your name or profile icon, this is not a suggestion or an invitation for discussion. Just as you have the right to have whatever you wish, we have the right to decide what we want on our server, and will not hesitate to invite you to pursue excellence elsewhere with your edgy, brilliant, and witty name.

Profile content is something that we admins have to deal with. If for some reason you come to our attention and your profile necessitates a trip to the funny farm or copious amount of eye bleach or mental floss, we reserve the right to act on that. Our players have invested time and energy into creating a unique and thriving community. We admins will act aggressively to defend it.